Event 24 - Britri Palace to Paddle 2.5km sea swim

While you were probably all still slumbering in your beds, at 6am this morning I was at Brighton Pier for the 24th event of my challenge. This was a 2.5km sea swim, part of the Paddle Round the Pier Festival 2019 and organised by Britri, who I have to say did an excellent job. Thank you to all the volunteers and the lifeguards giving up your time so early in the morning and all day to support the other events going on. This year there was also a 1.5km and a 3.8km swim. I was brave and went for the 2.5km. To put you in the picture of where I was at in terms of preparation and training....I've never swam further than about 400m in the sea ever! The swim was cut short for the Brighton Triathlon last September due to adverse weather conditions and I've been in the sea twice since then, both times in very choppy conditions. The Saltdean Lido opened a few weeks ago just at the same time I realised this event was three weeks away and I got "the fear" I've been tra…

Event 23 - Maverick East Sussex 15km Trail Run

I love the fact that every single one of these events is such an experience. I set out to do this challenge to raise money for Grassroots but I never realised how much the challenge would benefit my life and mental health. I needed to do something with my grief when my sister passed away - I felt I was sinking into an abyss of depression. I didn’t intend for this to be a solution to my (what felt like) constant sadness, the motivation was more to do with doing something to help others at risk of suicide and their families because the result of suicide is just so devastating. I couldn’t bear thinking of other families having to experience this type of death. I felt completely helpless. But this challenge has been a journey of self discovery, positive mental health and acceptance. It’s such a bonus that these things have happened and I feel so lucky that my life has really turned a corner and all because I made the decision to fundraise and stick my neck out doing the craziest of physic…

Event 22 - Colour Obstacle Rush 2019

A fun, messy, friendly event (sadly for over 12’s only) otherwise it’s family friendly. Myself, Seb and his friend Zeb made our way to Brighton Racecourse in the glorious sunshine. This is an obstacle run over 4km with powdered paint being chucked all over you! We had a few packets of colour given to us at the beginning and an event t-shirt so we got a bit messy before we even started. We crossed the track to the the start for the warm up and I heard someone call “mum” and there was my eldest son Josh working as a marshal! He’d been called up late last night to support the event - what a lovely surprise! The music is pumping pretty much throughout this event which makes the atmosphere very upbeat. No one really runs so we jogged and walked between the obstacles. The obstacles were fun and quite a few I hadn’t seen before so that kept my interest. We raced on quite a few as you go three or four at a time on each obstacle which was super fun but Seb and I ended up with friction burns o…

Event 21 - BHF London to Brighton Bike Ride 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed this event! I have been so tempted in the last few days to sign up for next year but I have promised myself and my family a break from events and fundraising for a little while after my challenge ends in April 2020 so I didn’t complete the entry for next year.... I almost did!
My lovely neighbour Debbie couldn’t use her entry so my pal Rachel took her spot and I couldn’t have had a better person by my side for this event. We chatted and grimaced at the rain and drank (yep beer and wine haha) together and just had the best time despite the crappy British weather. Neither of us are cyclists - we’re runners at heart so we even had that in common! We were so laid back about this event - perhaps a little too laid back? Rachel popped over to my house at about 7pm the previous evening to sort something to wear and good old Amazon delivered my storage bags for the bike at 4pm (ordered less than 24hrs previously) to store the things I’d need for the ride. We had totally d…

Event 20 - London to Brighton 100km Ultra Challenge

This was the one - the one that made all the events before it seem possible. This was the biggy that overshadowed any fear I’d had about any of the other events so far and it levelled any fear or angst, so it served its purpose. But this weekend, it was upon me. And strangely I didn’t have any nerves, I was just excited about the journey I was about to experience (thank god i was in blissful ignorance!).  I had one hour of panic, the hour before I left home on the Friday night to journey to Teddington for the overnight stay before the 7:15am wave start in Richmond. Did I have everything? was I prepared? had I packed too much ? did my mid point bag have what I’d need?, did I have enough supplies to last unit meeting my supporter, Erin at the second checkpoint? aaaaggghhhh all too much!  Once I’d left the house and the taxi had crashed into a lamppost along the way, I was fine 😂his day was much worse than mine. The first part of the race went without hitch, it was of course an easy distan…

Event 19 - Windsor Trail Half Marathon

It felt quite special going to Windsor this morning following the recent birth of a new royal - congratulations Megan and Harry. The atmosphere in the air was regal! My Dad came to support me and I had plans to beat my PB of 2hrs 7mins. I hadn’t had a great week, it was the third anniversary of Klaire’s death on Tuesday and as much as I tried to ride through it, it was bloody rough. It hit me much harder than I was expecting which led to my healthy eating and cutting out alcohol, going on the back burner. And very little activity. Emotionally draining, but life goes on and I was thankful and relieved that after a few days I managed to pick myself out of my grief pit with the thought of this event looming. I knew I was striving for that PB and with the friendly rivalry now going on with my friend and work colleague Rachel on our half marathon times, I wasn’t going to let myself down.  As is usual fashion for me, apart from knowing the distance, I had no idea what the run entailed. So as…

Event 18 - Run2music Brighton

This event is a 5km,10km or half marathon route by Dukes Mound on Madeira Drive. The plan was for the kids to take part in the 5km and I’d continue to complete the 10km. The weather forecast was rain but I wasn’t worried.... we’d invested in fancy dress wigs to keep the rain off!! The unicorn wigs were an absolute hit with the girls....and the supporting crowd it seemed. Seb however wanted the earth to open up and swallow him whole, poor kid, making him wear a luminous green Afro. It’s all character building you know haha!!
Around 40 + Runpals we’re officially signed up for this event but I have a feeling there were more?! Love doing events with these guys. High fives, encouragement, loads of fun, just amazing! Shout out to the minipals who really were anything but mini. Theia just kept saying “I’m running on my own” “I’m running on my own” Miss Independent! And Alyssa didn’t just win the 5km junior race she was the fastest female on the course - wow!
My first 2.5km was slow and stead…